Saturday, September 29, 2012

I've Been Thinking...

I've been thinking about where I am and how to get to the place I really want to be.  This quote had a real impact on my thoughts. Here I am and here I come....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Table Scape Colors They Are A Changin...

I don't care where you live, right now you can't go into any stores or look in any magazines and not see the colors of fall. You know, the oranges, golds, browns, reds, silver, metallic gold, bronze, purples and even turquoise. Yep, turquoise and silver ( can you see me smiling) are the new colors of fall.  While traditionalist may have seen purple before, not quite like we see it this year. 

Shiny metallics are hot this fall and I expect that trend will continue through the coming Christmas season, especially paired with turquoise.  If you have seen pics of my living room ( pre Georgia) and my dining room (now) you know that turquoise and orange are my accent colors. I was inspired by photos I've seen online to continue those colors as I moved from my summer to fall table scape.  Here are some photos I saw sporting non-traditional colors on fall tables.

                                                                     Very dramatic.

                                                        The orange and purple really work well.

                                                          Love the muted colors here!

                                            Colorful and classy. Love the orange and hot pink.

And here's what I created...

Using some old pumpkins,gourds and pine cones from my back yard and spray paint, I began to create a colorful and totally me table scape.

Yes , that's a dried up apple on the left.  I won't even tell you how long a bowl of apples have been in my kitchen. They haven't rotted, they are just slowly drying. So... any and everything is fair game when I feel like spray painting!!

The silver pumpkin was spritzed with water before painting to give it a less uniformed, more natural look. I don't know, can a silver pumpkin look natural, oh well!

And all of that plus some beautiful candlesticks, mirrors, Crystal finials, a change of place mats and...

  I made these place mats reversible, taupe on one side and black on the other. Both sides are embroidered with the same two toned orange B.  On my table linens this is my signature B, I use a completely different one for my bath and bed linens.( Having my Tajima embroidery machine makes all the difference). When I saw these felt leaves at the dollar store they reminded me of a table scape I saw at Z Gallerie with a Monstera leaf place mat between the plate and charger.

Everything ( except the flowers )were spray painted a different color, even the basket.  Love my spray paint.!!

There are over 20 pine trees in my backyard.  The number and size of pine cones is staggering.  From this tiny gold one to this turquoise one. You can imagine the ideas running through my head on how to use all  this "free" material.

  Here you see the other side of the place mat.

Well, that's it. Certainly not your typical fall table. And I of course I couldn't stop there so this little table got "dressed up " too.

Well, that's it. Certainly not your typical fall table but I love it, what do you think?