Monday, June 13, 2011

The last great encore from Detroit

I am up to my eyebrows in packing to move across the country. I shouldn't be looking on craigslist for anything else. But wait, let me explain. Here's what happened. While eating lunch on Friday, I decided to check craigslist for free moving boxes.  I'd been lucky on there before, well not this time. But right there calling my name was a 15 pane french door. For Free!! See, you wouldn't have turned your back on it either. Frame was fine only one broken pane. How much space could 1 door take up in the moving truck?  

Anyway a break from packing the gararge led to me trying to remove the moulding and taking out the panes of glass.  I'll stop there so you will just have to let your creative minds runs wild about the final project. Probably won't get but 1 more post before the big yellow truck heads from I-75 to my new home state of Georgia.

glass being removed from door.

If you have any creative uses for the door, share.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Still working on my latest project, just waiting for paint to dry so I thought I take some time to tell you a little bit about myself. So...

Hi, my name is Tina and I am an incurable DIY girl. who's been creating home decor, holiday items and other fun, unique items for most of my life. Following a twist in the road a few years ago, I found myself divorced and on my own for the first time in my adult life ( marriage 3 weeks after college graduation sure seemed like a good idea, at the time)!!
Needing furniture on the cheap, I  headed to my local thrift store.  Little did I know it would be like Alice falling into Wonderland!!  That was the beginning of treasure hunting ( that's what  my daughter calls our visits to thrift stores) and a whole new world. I have taught myself how to refinish and upholster furniture and to look at someones' castoffs in a whole new light. I also make daily visits to some wonderful blogs that have helped me develop my skills.
I can't bring myself to call my finds junk, even if it was on the curb waiting for the garbage truck. They're more like extras waiting in the wings for, you guessed it, an Encore performance.
Encore Creations has become my passion. Like me, it is all about giving  a chair, a table, dresser or life an encore.  A second chance to do it all a little differently. Not looking at it based on it's past, but as a new creation full of potential and a great future. I truly feel that this small business will allow me to reach the true potential that God had planned for me all along. After all this gift of creativity that we have is a gift from Him. I plan to step out on faith and use my talents. 
While there's probably nothing earth shatteringly new here, nothing you couldn't probably do yourself, some ideas are just worth seeing again.  Maybe it will be just the right color combination, or unusual accessory.  Whatever it is, I  hope you enjoy, are inspired, captivated and encouraged by the pieces you find here.
...So, come on in, take a look around, come back as often as you can.  I hope you will live comments when you visit. After all what's a visit to someone "house" without conversation!! If you see anything that you'd like to buy, let me know, it's probably just waiting for you to give it an encore!! 

A Blast from the Past


Taking a minute to unwind and going through pictures that I have taken of projects.   Thought I'd share these with you.   These chairs were found at the Salvation Army store for little of nothing. But I didn't buy them right away, oh no, I left them unattended and just waiting for someone else to snatch  them up.  Riding home from the store, common sense caught up with me as I hit the freeway home.  How did I not buy those 4 chairs, yes 4 of them for under $50.00?!!!. I know what you're thinking, I know, but I did some fast talking and was able to get a good friend who lived near the store to go by and grab them up for me!!  At the time I didn't have room for them, but I was patient and about 2 years later, I moved. This is what they looked like when I bought them:

There are 3 like this and 1 arm chair.

There's a lot that could be said about this fabric but, I think I'll leave it unsaid!!
Saw a print in JoAnn's that I fell in love with but thought the entire set out of this would be too much. Too much print and too much money ( even with 50% off  sale) so I both some of the print and used a solid chenille that I had bought a lot of for another project. This is the encore:

If this fabric looks familiar, it is!! I used the same color combo on the off white cane chairs.

Anyway time to close, I've got paste wax on a new project waiting to be buffed!! Check back soon for more Encores!