Monday, June 13, 2011

The last great encore from Detroit

I am up to my eyebrows in packing to move across the country. I shouldn't be looking on craigslist for anything else. But wait, let me explain. Here's what happened. While eating lunch on Friday, I decided to check craigslist for free moving boxes.  I'd been lucky on there before, well not this time. But right there calling my name was a 15 pane french door. For Free!! See, you wouldn't have turned your back on it either. Frame was fine only one broken pane. How much space could 1 door take up in the moving truck?  

Anyway a break from packing the gararge led to me trying to remove the moulding and taking out the panes of glass.  I'll stop there so you will just have to let your creative minds runs wild about the final project. Probably won't get but 1 more post before the big yellow truck heads from I-75 to my new home state of Georgia.

glass being removed from door.

If you have any creative uses for the door, share.

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  1. I would paint it and put it in my backyard. Come see my outdoor decor.