Friday, February 8, 2013

May Arts Valentine

                               Let him Know He's Special

Hi all, thanks if you hopped over from the May Arts Ribonista Valentine's  Blog Hop. Make sure you leave comments as you hop along, there's a chance to win some great May Art ribbon . My post is designed to show you how to wrap that  Valentine's day gift for the special man in your life.  There are so many ideas suitable for wrapping a gift for a women ,but unless you default to a gift bag, wrapping for a man can sometimes be a challenge.

I love for the receipent of my gifts to know from the outside appearance  and presenatation of the gift just how special they are. This idea was a spin off from a conversation I had with my good friend Shelly over at ConfettiStyle. She was preparing to enter the 3M Most Gifted Wrapper Contest 2012 and mentioned the lack of ideas for wrapping a gift for a man. (By the way, she was the runner up in the contest, Way to Go Shelly). I thought I'd come up with something for a man. 

So here goes:

Using any appropriate size gift box ( I save really good boxes and reuse them)
paper clips
ribbon  May Arts 364-25-10
paper brads
black permanent marker
white gift wrapping paper
awl or ice pick

Tuxedo Shirt Box

1. Cut a peice of white  wrapping paer large enough to cover the box top with enough extra on the sides to wrap under the box top.

2. Fold a 5/8" wide pleat down the enter (from top to bottom) of the paper. This will be your from button placket on your shirt.

3. Lay the top facedown on the paper ( make sure your pleat is positioned srtaight) and fold sides, top and bottom in and tape or glue all sides down. You can use your paper clips to hold all of the sides down.

4. Next measure and cut two peices of May Arts  Black grosgrain the width of your box plus enough extra to allow you to fold it under the box top and secure. Fold a 1/2" "pleat horizontally on both peices of ribbon.

5. Attach the two rows of pleated ribbon across the bottom of the box as the cummerbund.  Use paper clips to hold inplace while glue dries( or use tape).

6. Create a bow as the bow tie on your "shirt".  Attach it using glue to the top , centered.

7. Next using your permenat marker, put a solid black dot on 4-5 paper brads. Leave a narrow gold edge on each brad so that you have a snazzy black and gold rimmed button for your tuxedo shirt.

8.Measure the distance between the cummerbund and the bow tie. Divide it  so that you can place buttons every 2".

9. Using an awl, carefully punch a small hole through the box top where you can then put each button.
Thats it !!

                     HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Home Depot Cutie

I ran into Home Depot today to return some spray paint and look what I found.
 Now don't go rushing to HD asking what isle are the Maltipoo puppies in. They aren't selling these at HD, but a customer had her little lady prancing right pass me today and I just had to snapa pic. Her name is Sammi and she is just a couple of months old and was leading her owner out the door by way of a hot pink leash. She was already sitting on command, but she always faced her "mommie" when she did. I wish I had ignored the people trying to come in and took a few more pics.  Alas,  I found a few pics online of Maltipoo puppies that led to more awww.. moments.

                                                                  via google

Not at all what I expected to see coming out of HD. But hey, life's full of the unexpected.