Friday, February 1, 2013

Home Depot Cutie

I ran into Home Depot today to return some spray paint and look what I found.
 Now don't go rushing to HD asking what isle are the Maltipoo puppies in. They aren't selling these at HD, but a customer had her little lady prancing right pass me today and I just had to snapa pic. Her name is Sammi and she is just a couple of months old and was leading her owner out the door by way of a hot pink leash. She was already sitting on command, but she always faced her "mommie" when she did. I wish I had ignored the people trying to come in and took a few more pics.  Alas,  I found a few pics online of Maltipoo puppies that led to more awww.. moments.

                                                                  via google

Not at all what I expected to see coming out of HD. But hey, life's full of the unexpected.

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