Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Back !! Again

I  know it's been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Life has taken a serious turn from so much free time ( is there really such a thing as free time or were you just being lazy?)  to what? "There isn't another 4 hours left in this day!" Just about every other day I beat myself up for about an hour (talk about wasted time) because I had let another day go by without sitting down and posting something on my blog. Well, tonight I just sat down without any clear direction and decided to write.

I craved out half a day today to visit what is quickly becoming a favorite spot.  Once a month the Scotts Antique Market opens and vendors from all over come to sell any and everything you can imagine.  Well, maybe I should retract that and say they hope to sell... My dear friend Shelly and I met there again this month, after finding a great little booth selling  old letters, postcards,etc. and buttons.  Yes, buttons. They were a steal if you've priced buttons for a future craft project.  Last month we stumbled upon this vendor but had no luck finding the colors we wanted, so, we showed up a day earlier in hopes of scoring big.  We found out that we were again, a day late. Oh well...  I did buy a bottle full of a variety of buttons. I have a project in mind so stay tuned.   While I'm not going to say what I plan to do with the buttons I thought I would show you some really cool items I've seen that used buttons:

all via pinterest

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