Thursday, August 16, 2012

Office Redo

In my last post about the Longest Yard Sale I mentioned that I would be using some of those items for a friend's office.  This is one of my dearest friend's , we are godmothers to each others children, etc. The kind of friend who knows all my "bad stuff" but still loves me anyway.  Well, on a recent visit I had a chance to tour the campus where she is an IT professor. Upon entering her office I realized it needed a little more umph.  So, I have been collecting and searching for just the right pieces for  her desk and decided to make her a bulletin board as well.  If you have followed me, watched my color choices you know I love silver and glam. If this had been her home office I would have gone heavier on the glam, but alas, I had to control myself.

Let's take a look at what I put together for her.  First, for her desk top, no plastic or wire mesh containers. No, instead I chose vintage silver plated , glass, and crystal pieces. All of the pieces were given an encore and a new purpose.

First , I found this cute silver plated leaf to hold clips and whatever.  Not sure what it's orginal purpose was. I love the vintage biscuit tray to hold scrissors, letter openers, etc.  I didn't want too much silver on the desk ( too much time spent cleaning) so I found two vintage fountain glasses on one of my monthly trips to Scotts Antique Market. They are great for pens, pencils or even a ruler.
A late addition was the crystal candy dish.   It started out as a crystal bowl and candlestick holder. Fused together they add an additional level for your eye to focus on.

The last part of this redo is the bulletin board. If you remember, I showed you 2 frames that I bought at the LYS. First I primed this frame and then spray painted it silver.

I covered a piece of foam board with cork and then used some cotton canvas left over from my dropcloth slipcover, ( I know, I didn't show you that yet) to create the bulletin board.  The frame was a little plain even with silver paint so I added silver bead trim along the inner edge of the frame.  Still not enough punch to it, soooo. I used hot glue to create a design in each of the four corners of the frame, then spray painted over this to get a cool raised design. This was perfect.  I couldn't give her just plain push pins so I glued rhinestone S's to push pins. I also stenciled a silver S in the lower right corner.

So what do you think? I love it and wish I could see her face when she opens her boxes


  1. I love this set up! I like how you made everything blingish but classy. I am very inspired by your vision and cant wait to collaborate with you on decorating and embroidering and life - you are so fabu!! I am so excited that you are sharing this with the world. I am so proud, and impressed!

  2. These office accessories are lovely in their recreated form. Truly a "special" gift for a "special" friend. Love and talent went into the crafting and the results are spectaculiar as usual.

  3. Love what you did. I especially like to scissor holder. Everything is very classy!!!

  4. The set-up you have here is simply exquisite! These are simple but professional designs that contribute to a cosy work place.

  5. Now, that is one fine interior redo! :) The office supplies are just modern and cool. Indeed, the scissor holder is a head turner!