Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Many Faces of Creativity

As I traveled back to Georgia from Michigan this Christmas Holiday, I stopped at a dear friend's home in Nashville , Tn.. I have known Donna for more than 30 years and miss not having her living just a few blocks from me. She left Detroit over a decade ago, but at least now I'm only 4 hours away. Every time I visit her and her wonderful husband Richard, I must visit their amazing garden, Third Day (Genesis 1:11-13)  As it was winter, it wasn't at it's peak so I had to imagine the wonder and beauty that it displayed this past summer.


It helped that this past June, the American Hosta Society held it's annual convention in Nashville and their garden was part of the convention's garden tour. This led to pictures on the society's  member only site that Donna was good enough to show me. Over the past years, I have watched this garden grow and morph into something I could not have imagined.  The combination of hostas and other plants and the amazing stonework creations that Richard has personally ( ok, Donna helped too) created is stunning.  Here are a few pictures that Richard took of their garden , this June.

              There is also the coolest mix of sculpture and unexpected elements to be found in this garden.

                 This cherub appears to watch over the plants lovingly planted in this garden.

                      A red sole pump on the deck railing holds succulents!!

You can stroll through the garden on lovely hand laid stones walkways.

                     There are glorious bursts of color among the many shades of green found here.

I just had to share some pictures of this garden. While Donna is now a certified Master gardener and even judges at Hosta Society events, this garden began life in the hands of two very creative people with a love of nature. Sit back, no sit up and take notice of what creativity and passion can create.

This pond, is a  dry stack stone water feature (dry stack means no adhesive was used), another of  Richard's creations. The pond is home to very large, very colorful Koi.

This lovely yard unexpectedly slopes down to a creek that borders the back of the property.  You can wander down to the creek on a lovely hand laid ( yep, Richard again) stone walkway. If you'd like, you can stop half way down and have a cup of tea on a small stone patio.  Or skip the climb down to the creek and relax on this patio...

 The varied shades of green really jump out at you. Do you see what I see on a stone wall, looking at me?

                                                               More amazing colors!

While most of my posts are about projects that I have completed I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to show the many facets to creativity. It doesn't always involve paint, screws, beads and glitter, it's more a case of whatever the mind creates and then brings into being.

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