Thursday, June 26, 2014

It All Started with The Great Bike Hunt !!

This weekend I ducked into a couple of Goodwill Stores on the hunt for a bike. I know you are thinking "wrong time of year", "a little late in the season don't you think"  Yeah, yeah, I know all the good deals were probably snapped up this spring for riding on this summer. I'll  just keep looking but in the mean time, after striking out during the Great Bike Hunt, I strayed back up front and started looking at the purses.  I know that's so off topic, but since I was there I thought I'd just wander a bit.  And there she was,  a brand new purse. The white trim and handles were just shouting summertime fun.

But wait,  I knew this was too good to be true ( really, I mean too good to be $4.95!!) she was missing the shoulder strap. But then I spied the belts and low and behold there was a brand new white belt in just the right width. This was really coming together.

I cut the loops off  this end.  After deciding how I would attach the belt to the purse, I then decided I didn't want a shoulder strap. Go figure. Wish I had decided this before I cut the belt!! Worry not, I'll find a way to use this eventually.   If you've been reading my blog long, you know I love monograms, sooo.

Yep you guessed it, I had to add a monogram to this cutey. In order to not sew through the inside pockets I opened the seam in the lining.

 I didn't have to hoop this item as I used a Fast Frame and it came out great.
Here she is after her Encore....


Well, I didn't find a bike that day but I didn't do too bad with this classic blue and white purse with a pop of color.  And what do you know, my good friend and future bike riding pal sent me this picture a couple of days later. Nothing like a good friend! And since it's pink, I think I'm ready to ride!!


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