Thursday, June 12, 2014

Project Ranch Renovation

I am really excited about an upcoming project and who best to share it with than you all!!
A very good friend of mine has asked me to help renovate and update his home. What a great vote of confidence, and ego boost. Yeah, I got a litttle bit of ego, I try to keep it under control most of the time!!

Maybe it was the former projects that I've shared here on my blog or maybe it was my own since of style that is visible in my home, don't know what lead to his request. Don't care, I'm just supper excited to be asked!

As I complete this project, I will definitely share many before and after pics. I may even ask your opinion on some of my ideas. Of course, since it's his home, he'll have the final say.  The fun for a DIYer like myself will be the thrill of pulling this off in a budget friendly meets stylish encore. I am going to be challenged right off the bat because I'm going to have to move away from my eclectic love of colors ( turquoise and pink to name a few) and try more masculine colors.  He probably really won't go for this color pallette.

                           Now me I like those colors, but him, probably not so much.

The basics:
This is a ranch style home in near by Marietta, GA. Approx. 2100  sq. feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, dining room  and a finished basement. The basement has  2 bedrooms, a bathroom and lounge area. I love the large basements you find in ranch houses!
Not sure how long this will take as there is no immediate hurry and it will probably be done a room at a time. There's plenty to do as this home was purchased over 28 years ago and has had very few upgrades due to the owner's life "on the road".  There is no theme, or specific style visible in this room.  Just an assortment of random stuff, some inherited. Well, I plan to make this a home anyone would enjoy,

           First things first : Living room -  remove clutter, relocate surround sound speakers. probably remove a sofa, eliminate plastic plants, paint , new flooring, and then the real  magic happens!! Stay tuned, this should be a blast



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  1. I like white kitchens, I have one now, but I too often find mustard, cola, jelly stains on them and no idea how it got there. Given the option again I would go for another color.

    Good looking out on the purse. It is nice to be able to personalize. Do you think you could personalize car floor mats? Still looking out for presents.

    The bike is stupendous. It is a keeper. (wink wink) I hope you get in lots of riding.