Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Dirty Footprints -Seat Cover DIY

Hi all,

I know you're all getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July, and for some of you that means car trips with the kids. I don't have any "kids", my "kids" grew up  while I wasn't looking. LOL. A friend has a wonderful little grandson who, wonderful as he is, leaves footprints on the back of granddad's car seats. When my kids were riding in the backseat, they were on booster seats ( remember those) and their legs didn't reach the back of the seats in my SUV. By the time they were big enough for that, no more booster seats. Hey, don't judge me, we lived dangerous, reckless lives in the 80s!! And we lived to tell about it!  Anyway, as with most men and some women, the sight of a footprint on the back of the front passenger seat is not a welcomed sight. Of course it's easily brushed off but... I had other plans.  A Seat Back Cover!. 


1/2 yard fleece or bath towel
stiff interfacing
Sewing machine
matching thread

Step 1.   Buy a 1/2 yard of black fleece or even a black towel. Of course you can choose any color that matches or compliments your seats.

Step 2.  I didn't measure anything as I wanted this to be a surprise. For my cover I folded the 19"x  62" piece of fleece into a 19" x 56" rectangle. I folded it in half creating a 19"x 28" rectangle.

Step 3. I cut a piece of stiff interfacing 19" x 28". I sandwiched the interfacing between the 2 sides of the rectangle.

Step 4. I stitched the two long sides and then turned the rectangle inside out. I then stitched across the rectangle every 2 inches. No real reason why, just wanted to added a little more detail to the cover. You can skip this stitching if you want. I then folded the bottom up a 1/2" and creased it, then folded it up another 1/2" and stitched the bottom closed.

Step 4. From the remaining piece, I cut a 2' by 19" piece for the strap. Finish the strap piece by folding in 1/2"  on each long side then folding again, in half.

Step. 5 Sew strap to cover on one side and sew Velcro to the unattached end of the  strap. Sew the other piece of Velcro to the cover. Again, I didn't measure, I just estimated the width of the headrest brackets. And in less than an hour I was done

Who out there doesn't know I loved All things Monogrammed?  Well you better ask somebody,  I just had to add a large circle monogram.

After I made it, I searched the internet for them and only found one aimed at keeping the footprints off the seat, it was $14.50 plus shipping. This is plastic and could be wiped clean.

Here's my Seat Back Cover, it took about 1/2 an hour and cost me about $2.00. The fleece was the only thing I didn't have on hand. Now I know you could just toss a towel up there and anchor the end under the headrest, but come on, this looks a whole lot nicer. Don't you think? 


  1. Love this, Tina! I think you should sell these on Etsy, especially with the monogram!!!

  2. What a great project and so very creative! Great job!