Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vintage Cane Chairs 2nd Encore...

Hi all,

Again it's been a long time since I wrote a post but a lot has been happening. If you remember, my last post was about the Encore that I gave to a cane backed sofa. If you missed it you can read about it here
Before her Encore!

After her Encore

Well, she was such a hit that her owner wanted chairs to go with her. And what do you know, I happened to have 2 vintage cane chairs in my shed, just sitting there. I wasn't able to use them in this house, so they were going to get their second Encore!

 These pics show the orginal chairs fresh from the yard sale and a thrift store and their First Encore!

After looking at these and almost all of the chairs that I have reupholstered, I noticed a trend. I really like to use two different fabrics on chairs. 

Dining room chairs
Zebra chair and stool.

Well, I got started on the Second Encore by stripping these chairs down and cleaning them. Next, was to paint them using the same paint that was used on the sofa.

New foam was added and then came new fabric!
Using her inspration page as a guide,we found a great fabric for these chairs.

 After searching a number of Joann stores, I hit the jackpot and found 3 yards of fabric.
This fabric was just perfect as you could also use the reverse side and you had a cream background with  navy dots. You know what I did, yep, I used both sides on both chairs.

I love how they turned out!  What do you think? Do you like the 2 fabric look or not?

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