Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm Back, 2012 Look Out!!

It's been a while but... I'm back. Back to finding great things and giving them a second chance, an encore. Some of the things I've found were used to complete my new house and some were to launch a new career. I've chosen one word as my word for the year, Believe. I believe this will be a breakout year for me. 2012 Look Out , here I come.
These are the words that are sending me forward into 2012. Now before I start showing and sharing my latest projects I must show you what I did in 2011 afer the Great Move.  One of my projects was to give my daughter a new look for her new room. We kept the platform bed that I made her a couple of years ago and added a new dresser and chest. Here is a before and after look at the dresser. This dresser was my last find at a Salvation Army store in Metro Detroit. It was $35.
After a summer under a tarp ( supposedly protected from the rain) I discovered the top had warped and had to be replaced. Off to the Home Depot for a sheet of cabinet grade plywood,  and molding. Adding about $45 to the cost ! I know I can't claim this one was a deal but it looks so good I don't care. What do you think?

The mirror was a $4 find that I painted the same color as the dresser. The dresser and chest look white but 
are actually a very light gray. Just enough gray to not look white. LOL.  Drawer insets are a darker gray. Hardware was spray painted black and the whole thing got a couple of coats of polyacrylic. Here's the chest of drawers. I forgot to take a before picture, but you've seen this chest a million times in a million places.

This little baby was found at the Goodwill and I already had the paint. Notice the silver cylinder on this chest, that is a lamp base that I painted silver. It was cream but you might have noticed I have a thing for silver and shiny. Still looking for a lamp shade for it.

NEXT... My Bedroom

In addition to my love of silver and shiny is my love of chandaliers...

I was able to put up my chandalier that I had spray painted and strung beads to decorate.  $7.00 for fixture, can of spray paint, ( you guessed it, already had the paint), and about $6.00 for beads.


This vanity was purchsed at a yard sale in Southfield, Mi . It too traveled the highway unfinished to GA.  This late fall I got around to giving it an encore. Yes, I know it looks great as is but I wanted it to have a totally new look on life. 

This beauty was painted with the much talked about ASP Chalk paint. It has a matte gray finish highlighted in a shiny silver . It is finished off with a couple of coats of furniture wax. Great contrast to the shiny silver dresser with the inlaid mirror and the silver bedside tables ( both shown in earlier posts).

The last project before Christmas decorating got under way was an upholstered headboard. Of course as I so often do, I forgot to take a before picture.  This headboard was the right shape and the right size and
goodness gracious, it was definitely the right price, $8.95!

 I wanted to bring more texture into the room so I went with a gray/silver no-wale corduroy. I created a design then had it enlarged at Kinkos for under $3.00. The design was approx. 32" x 28".

 Using dressmaking tracing paper I traced the design onto the fabric and  hand stitched cording to outline the design. I also added additional padding behind the design elements.

Havn't really come up with a cost but the fabric was $18.00. the copy was $3.00 the cording was $1.99 per spool ( needed 2) but used 40% off coupon at HL. I already had a roll of batting, so adding the $8.95 for the headboard itself I think as custom upholstered headboards go this was a good deal! How about you?

Here are the elements of the bedroom ...

Until the next time...

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  1. Love, Love, Love all your projects. Your painted pieces are stunning and that headboard to so beautiful. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings.