Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabric Wall Art- Have It Your Way!!

Looking for wall art in an unusual color combination. Just can't find it, make it yourself. A great cheap ( come on, if I'm suggesting it, it has to be CHEAP) way to put some color, YOUR color on your walls is to use fabric.  I know it's not a new idea but just in case you'd forgotten, here it is.  My new kitchen has white walls with silver hardware on a gazillion cabinets and black appliances. The go to color for black and white is usually red. No way, that's too Hobby Lobbyish! No offense, I like HL but, I just wanted a different look. So I reverted back to my favorite color, pink. Not a soft pink but a vibrant, full bodied pink. I then decided to look for fabric that had 4 basic colors, pink, green, white and black. The unifying element in this wall art would be black square frames.  It took a couple of trips to a variety of Goodwill stores but I finally had enough square frames in different sizes.  Here is the finished collection, please pardon the glare, still working on my photo skills.

Pink & Black

Pink, black and green on white.

Drk pink  & green on pink

Pink, white and green pokadots on black

Pinks, green and black on white
Pink on white fabric with pink on white scrapbook paper overlaid
 with black adhesive letters

Pink, green, black on white

Wood letter painted pink & black stripes and glued on outside of
glass. Inside black border is good old black electrical tape. Pink on
pink fabric.


There's always some leftovers, gotta use 'em!!
It's almost an unspoken challenge. LOL

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