Saturday, January 28, 2012

Believing in 2012 and ME!

My first project for 2012 was a new chair for my new office space. Ok, if you come to visit, you'll call it the guest room, but any other time, it's my office.  Using the basic color and design elements from my former office space.  I got started by putting up window treatments and pics.

Embroidered pics

I've read that you could/could not mix animal prints. Well, I'm not sure which is true, so I'm just doing what I like. Staying true to my decision to post at least 3 times a week, I knew I needed a comfortable chair.  Found this at the GW while "just shopping, not buying anything."

Chair Before

 NOTE TO SELF: Always try out all of the levers that raise and lower every part of the chair. After sitting in the chair and being comfortable that I could change all of the positions on the chair. After sitting in the chair
and checking it out, off to the register I went.

The chair sat in the garage for a week awaiting it's encore.During this time I  began taking it apart, as much as I could.  I also sparyed the foam parts of the chair with a disinfectant several times.  I decided that I wanted to add a vibrant color to the room and settled on a red/orange color for the chair.  I had in mind that I didn't want to spend more than $10.00 for fabric, a challenge, you bet. On a trip somewhere else, I passed a local fabric store, Frugal Fabrics (Buford, GA). A quick look inside yielded at least 4 good choices of fabric, all on sale ranging from $4.50 - $5.00 per yard. I was geeked!! But alas, I hadn't  measured the chair yet so I didn't know how much to buy. I left, planning to return the next day.  But the next day I set out with a good friend following a tip that Old Time Pottery often had great deals on fabric. We heard right, I found this great faux suede in a great color for $3.49 a yard!!
 I added a monogram to the inside back and some leopard print ribbon, and here she is:

Chair After

She photgraphs darker than she really is and has more orange color to her .

Total cost of this encore: $20.00!!

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