Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Initials Galore!!

I revisited a favorite of mine this weekend... all things personalized.
Maybe it's the fact that growing up with an unusual first name I never found my name on anything. Remember the small  license plates for the back of your bike, nope, never. Or the pencils, personalized christmas ornaments or keyychains, nope, none of those either. Just never saw anything that said, MONTINA. Go figure. Oh sure, I'd sometimes find TINA but that's just not the same.

 Well, in 1995 I bought a Tajima( that's a commerical  embroidery machine) and Motor City Embroidery Works, Inc. was born.  I had to practice so... of course I put MONTINA on as much as I could!!

Still working a full time job and as a mom  of 3 kids and a wife, I kept it small and manageable. But I still did a decent amount of embroidery all over Metro Detroit.  Moving to Georgia put this business on the back burner for a while.  But I now have my machine up and running and am glad to see that folks are still in love with seeing their monogam and name on just about everything!!   Here are a few personalized items that caught my eye this past weekend.
Monogram It!

Classic chair, classic design!


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Isn't this a cool gift for a teacher!!

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Who doesn't love to see their monogram !!



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