Friday, February 3, 2012


No , not words of wisdom or nuggets of truth. Reflections, as in mirrors. Along with all things personalized, chairs, finials and anything turquoise, I love mirrors.  Could there be an unconscious egotist lurking inside, seeing my name on everything possible and then actually seeing me , might need to check that out.  LOL .Oh well, in the meantime, mirrors.  As an accessory there's not a room in your home that couldn't be enhanced by adding a mirror, or in my case two.

While these two mirrors are probably my favorites, they certainly weren't the first ones I made. The first mirror that I made was inspired by the famous ( yes, if it's featured on the  Better After blog, it counts as famous in my book) zebra chair.  Okay, in case you missed it, the chair that is, just click on the link on this page for zebra mania.This led to quite a few touches of zebra in my home. The mirror was the most exciting to make since it led to me learning to etch glass using Amour Etch. Run out and grab a bottle and start personalizing vases, wine glasses, etc.  Oops, there I go again with the personalizing thing... Anyway, here's the Zebra mirror:

It was made with moulding, plywood, mirror squares, the etching creme, and you can figure out the rest. What do you think?

In a previous post I showed a picture of my dresser which has a number of mirrors over it.  Here are some of them...

A few great looking mirrors:

Pinned Image

I can't wait to make one of these!!
via Pinterest

Clean, simple, yet elegant lines.

Entry Seating


Grouping mirrors is always a hit.

Hope you like my choices, cruise the internet and find one you like and go for it?


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