Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinning It On the Wall

As I move into 2012 I am trying to change some basic things, one of them is my focus ( probably better known as my lack of focus) on organization.  How many times have you spent way too much time looking for something in your home office or craft area.  Me Too !! So this year is all about a new me, so I'm starting with my office/craft area.  I've shown you my new chair, so next is something that's really not a big item, but will save me tons of time. I'm looking at using my wall space to help me organize, so.. New Bulletin  Boards are next.   My cuurent bulletin boards are cute, but don't really allow me to organize and find those notes and ideas that I need most often.  Here they are:

Cute, but not really useful, right.

So I've been looking on Pinterest and in Catalogs for ideas and here's what I've seen so far...

Bulletin boards
                           via Pinterest

          Trier Corkboards
                            via Ballard Designs





  Lots of ideas, just can't committ yet. Any ideas or suggesstions are welcomed.

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  1. Can't wait to see what your new bulletin board looks like. I know it wii be fabulous.