Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "B" on My Wall

Using wood letters and monograms are very popular. You see them all over the internet. Hobby Lobby , Joanns and Michaels have a variety of sizes available and there are lots of places that custom cut letters and monograms for your wall decor. If I haven't told you, I love monograms. No, I am not trying to revive the LaVerne ( Oh come on , you remember LaVerne and Shirley) look, I just like monograms. I like them on a variety of things.  In fact , just about every graduate that has gotten a graduation going to college gift from me since 1996 has gotten monogrammed towel sets. Anyway, seeing all the letters that were being used in gallery walls made me want one too. I do have a couple of unusual monograms around my house...

This one sits in my dining room .


My office chair was a Goodwill Encore.

I saw lots of B's online, here are a few that I thought were really cool...

                                                         (via Pinterest)

At first I thought I wanted to add a large B to my Family Gallery wall.
 But as time went on, I didn't see one that I liked or wanted to pay that much for .I wanted a B larger than I could get at Hobby Lobby and I wanted a different font.  So, here's what I did.  I found a font on my computer that I liked. In fact, I discovered that I really must like it because I used in when I embroidered the B that you see in the center of the silver tray in the above picture. I printed out the B and took it to FedEx and had it enlarged.  I can't remember how much it cost but I know it was less than $2.00.  I cut out the B , which was now 19" in height and 15.5" in width. I wanted cheap so, I used a couple of large cardboard boxes that I was going to throw away and cut out 4 B's. I then glued them together until I had a B that was 19"x15.5"x1". Cost, so far, less than $2.00. Now, I was getting somewhere.

My next wish was to add some texture to my B. I had this wonderful wrapping paper that I brought for $1.00 at a Salvation Army. The embossed texture was great

 . So, I cut out 2 B's ( remembered to turn the B over for the reverse). I then used my Loctite Spray adhesive to stick the embossed paper Bs to the cardboard B.  A slight mishap while purging pics from my camera so there are no pics of this process. I then sprayed it with silver paint.  To get a smooth edge I cut 1"strips of card stock and glued them around the edges to smooth it out.  But that still wasn't enough.  So I added Mardi Gras beads around all of the edges, spray painted them silver and .... I love it. Already had the beads and the paint, so I'm looking at a unique B in just the right size, etc for under $5.00.

Right now to  I have my B sitting inside a frame that I bought and painted. Not sure if I want to leave it there, or mount it  over my mantle .k? What do you think?

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