Monday, July 22, 2013

Outdoor Chandelier

I have been looking for one of these brass chandeliers to hang in a tree in my backyard for most of the spring and summer. I recently went to a great garage sale held by some awesome bloggers/designers here in the Atlanta area and...Score for $3. Here is the chandelier in its "before" state...

I set to work cutting all the electrical wires and removing them. Just to make sure the paint had half a chance at staying put, I gave her a good rub down with some steel wool. I decided to skip the primer and went straight for the Rustoleum Spray paint in Lagoon. Because I don't want to repaint her next summer, I finished up with a couple of coats of clear gloss. Here are a couple of pictures of her in the middle of her encore..

My next move was to take apart 6 solar lights from the Dollar tree. I even bought a bunch for my front walk. They fit inside the individual "sockets" pretty well. I added some hot glue to the bottom of each light and placed it into the ends of each "arm" of the chandelier.

Here she is hanging in the tree.

I was so excited to stand at my kitchen sink and look out that evening and see her shining in all her encore glory. Now if it would just stop raining so I could enjoy my patio!


  1. HI, Tina, I remember that you bought that chandy! I knew you would do something fun with it and you did. Love it! So glad you stopped by & we got to meet. I love seeing transformations like this and that color is just the perfect blue.

  2. Love it! Great turn out!

  3. Tina, is this the chandelier you bought at the longest mile garage sale? So does this chandy compliment the outdoor furniture you made also?

  4. Beautiful! I'm currently converting an identical chandelier for my front porch. Keep up the good work.