Friday, July 19, 2013

Ballard Inspired Hurricanes My Way

Here's a quick and easy little project that was inspired by the Southern Living Seagrass Hurricane as seen in the Ballard Designs catalog. Currently on sale from $45-$75.

I'm not the first person to create their own version of this wonderful vase/container.. Jennifer Schmitz over at created this version.


I liked the ones in the Ballards catalog, and I liked Jennifer's version.  I was going for a little something different. I decided I wanted a little more color.

        I found these 3 glass containers at Ross, HomeGoods and The Goodwill for a total of $16.00.

Next I headed to the Dollar Tree and picked up this wooden place mat.

I carefully cut this into multiple 2.5" strips using a pair of scissors.

The last step is to simply use a hot glue gun and attach a strip around the base of each vases.

Super easy and loads of possibilities.

This was a very, inexpensive easy project. My version cost $ 17 for all three!! Give it a try.

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