Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Glam girl and Chickens!

It's time for my confession, I really (I mean really) like chicken & rooster figurines. Don't ask me to explain why, I don't know why. Why does a city born and raised girl who loves all things shiny,sparkly and glamorous like chickens? I don't really like real live walking around in the yard chickens , and I pass some everyday. Just figurines, nothing live. I don't remember when this began. I do have two chickens. I bought them for $5 at a thrift store in Mich., I have been told I got taken!! Anyway...

 I have 2 of these  Black chickens

I started noticing that whenever I went out shopping,( particularly thrifting) I always saw a chicken that I liked. I never notice cows, dogs or any other animal, just chickens. My good friend Shelly noticed that I was always looking at chickens and began teasing me about it. She was right, I was always picking up a chicken on our monthly outings to Scot'ts Antique Market, but I never bought them.

If you've been in HomeGoods or even Hobby Lobby lately, you've seen chickens. Or maybe you walked right by them cause, well,you're just not into chickens. They have lots of really cute chickens and roosters. Here are a few from HomeGoods that I saw that really caught my eye.

This guy is in one of my favorite color combos.
Love this color.

I just love this fat round bodied chick.

                                                           Great Paper Mache' Chicken
                                              I seem to be drawn to white, black and red chickens.

The same week I found these chicks and roosters at Hobby Lobby. What a great variety of chicks!

                Blown glass chicks have a totally different vibe. Not quite so country, more sophisticated.
                                                            My color combo again.

                                                            Metal, glass, wood and ceramic

Even though I really like these, I haven't bought any of them. Maybe I'm just meant to like them from afar!
Anything that you're attracted to that you just can't explain? Tell me about it.

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  1. why did you have to use command strips, would double side sticky tape or foam squares work? Not feeling the chickens.