Friday, September 13, 2013

The Amazing Duct Tape Projects

HI all,

Don’t know about you but I’ve been impressed with a lot of the pretty and funky designs you can find on Duct Tape now. Now, anyone who went to college (or was even alive) in the 70s knows that you could fix anything with good old Duct Tape. Come on, if you were like a lot of us poor college students, you knew you could almost rebuild your hoopty (that’s often the only kind of car we had!) with Duct Tape. So I’m glad to see it evolving into something even more special. With all the new colors and prints, it’s been calling my name lately.
A couple of weeks ago, one of my brothers laughingly suggested that it was time for me to buy a new case for my tablet. I could have been offended but he was so right! A $10 EBay purchase about 5 years ago, it had served me well. While it was still functional, it looked a mess, pealing faux leather, is not cute. I saw this as the perfect project for some Duct tape. I love bright colors and this pink, orange and green chevron print was speaking to me from the rack. I just noticed how often inanimate objects call to me, speak to me, etc…hmmmm.

Well here’s my case before:

                                                           This is bad, really bad! Really I hadn't noticed just how bad it was.
 And here it is now:


Not too bad is it? It was so easy, I just matched the pattern and done. It took less than 20 minutes and less than one roll of tape. Total cost: $3.86 (including tax) Note: I found that the tape is cheaper at Wal-Mart. The same tape was still over $1.00 more at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon.
 So, if that was fun, why not do it again? So….  Here's my next bit of fun!


This was a KVZ bag that I love. I loved it so much that I wore it out!! Yep, carried it for more than a couple of springs and summers. Not the bags’ fault it ended up with a corner like this.

But I couldn't get rid of it. I think I kept telling myself that I was going to harvest the chains and rings to use on a purse I have yet to make.  Well, not any more. I decided to see what she would look like with a Duct tape encore. So, one (1) roll of tape later and here she is:


This was so easy, I didn’t have to really concentrate or think about what I was doing. I completed this while watching a TV show with my daughter.  I didn’t spend much if any time trying to match the seams. If you look really closely trying to spot the seams, you’ll see them. I however am not looking for them!!
As I worked on it, I decided not to cover the entire bag.

                             I simply very carefully used an Exacto knife to cut around the studs.

What do you think?  An encore for a favorite and in an animal print, one of the fall must haves!! For me that's a SCORE!

 Do you have something that has seen better days, but you haven’t gotten rid of it yet. (No, I don’t mean him; I mean a “thing”!!) What about Duct tape? Give it a try. Personally, I’m looking for a roll of snake skin print to cover a box for my coffee table.  Let me know what you do with some Duct tape.



  1. Great post and fabulous facelifts for your purse and tablet cover!

  2. I still can't get over how great your purse turned out. I saw it in person so I know it's gorgeous!