Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Double Hack - Ikea and West Elm !!

Hi everybody,

It's been awhile , but I've been so busy with work (don't you hate it when work gets in the way.) and redesigning my 3rd bedroom  into an everyday craft room.

I've given my desk an encore as well as some bookcases, more about that coming up.
My next project, I know this is way out of order but...

I decided to complete a Double Hack, an Ikea hack and a West Elm hack!!
The inspiration for this hack was found at  West Elm. It's their 2 x 2 Console Desk. Pictured below.

When I looked at this desk, I saw 4 Ikea Lack tables and an Ikea table top!!
So, off I went to Ikea to get the Lack tables and a white table top.
Ikea Linnom table top

Ikea Lack table


Here are the Lack tables. 
The underside of the tables had to be painted as they would be visible.

I used these to attach the 2 tables to each other.

Here she is. Can't you just see yourself using all this wonderful work space. Ignore the mess on the floor, this room is under construction!!
 I  decided to trim 1" off all of the legs. I wanted my work table to be tall enough to use as a cutting table for sewing too, so I decided on a finished height of 35". 
Here she is.  The West Elm desk is currently on sale , it was $349 and is now $199.
It's 60w x18d x 30h. Not a bad deal right?

My table is 48w x 25d x 35h for a total of $69.00. 
Finished look

I decided to use 2 different size plastic containers. I didn't want to have to dig around in 4 large containers that were just "buckets" so I used some smaller ones too. To help organize the items in my containers, I used foam board from the dollar store and made dividers for the smaller containers. I was able to choose the size of the compartments within each container. Ones has 16 sections for lots of smaller common items!

Foam board dividers in the making.

When fully packed this container will hold the zillions of bottles of acrylic paint, organized by color!!

Stay tuned for the next installment on As the Room Turns ( into something useful and beautiful).

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