Saturday, November 9, 2013

Encore for Desk and Bookcases

The next projects on the way to finishing my craft room were my desk and bookcases.

Here's my desk before it's encore:

    Actually, I had started the encore before I took a "Before" picture. So imagine it with two holes in the front.

 I guessed it was the wonky leg that led to this desk being on the curb. All it took was an allen wrench and it was fixed! The 2 small drawers were missing and I had planned to make new ones, but never got around to it. After 4 years I decided to just cover the holes instead of making drawers. I bought a paint can grid at Home Depot for less than $4.00.

I used tin snips to cut the frame off and cut this grid down the middle. With the addition of some wood trim I "finished" these holes.

Next I gave the desk a quick sanding and then primed and painted the desk .

Still have to hide those cords!

In addition to the desk,  the short bookcases got an encore as well..
After a quick sanding..

Primed and painted. On to the 2nd one.

I also made a new bulletin board. I used a vintage frame that I bought at the Longest Yard Sale a couple of years ago. I matched the aqua in the wall covering and painted the cork board. To dress it up a little I added a white ribbon trim.

There's more to come as I totally transform this room. 


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