Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift Revealed - Iphone 5 cases

Happy New Year!!  My first post of the new year is about one of the last projects of 2013

At last I can reveal a great gift that I made for my daughter, Cassie. Like so many teen aged girls, she likes to change her iphone cases all the time. It's like an accessory and may change based on the outfit of the day. After showing me some really cute cases online I decided to:
1. save some money
2  give her more than one ( at $30-$35 each online she'd only get 1)
3. save some money
4. have some fun ( which of course also means, save some money)

I searched the internet and found way too many examples of really cute cases. Try googling "handmade iphone cases" and see what comes up! There are some really cool cases out there.. Here are a few that I found as inspiration for my cases.



After a trip to Five Below I got iphone 5 cases, and  made a stop at Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. Here are the cases I bought.

                                     And this is the trim that I bought at Hancock Fabrics.

Add my ever ready tube of E6000 and 8 mm rhinestones from Hobby Lobby and these are the cases I created:

                          Oops, I missed a tiny string of glue, not visible with my old eyes.

                                               Definitely inspired by one I saw online
                                                    Can't get too much Blingy than this baby!!

One look at that smile tells me I did alright with this gift. If you have a teenager, you know gifts can be a hit or miss thing.

 What do you think? I made all four cases for under $35.00. I know that some of the cases online have bumpers, etc so it's hard to compare just based on final cost, but I'm feeling real good about these. Remember my goal was to save some money, get her more than 1 case for $35, save some money, and have some fun. Mission accomplished!!
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  1. Oh Tina, they really turned out nice. How fun for you daughter! She's so lucky to have a creative mom.

  2. Wow! I really like the peacock case!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party