Friday, January 24, 2014

Here's What's Got Me Thinking...

I've decided to try something new for 2014, a series called,  What's got me thinking...
This will be an eclectic collection of posts about things that "have got me thinking." As the focus of this blog is "All things creative", you can bet the posts will still be about all things creative that have got me thinking, so...

For the past 2 weeks I have been looking at recipes and lists of ingredients. Now, if you know me really well you're scratching your head and wondering what alien has taken over my body. That's because you know I don't like to cook Well, calm down, I still don't like to cook but what's got me looking at recipes and lists is the wonderful world of handmade soap and more!! The idea of making my own soaps, bath bombs and body butter has got me thinking.

Now, my daughter Cassie was the real instigator of this idea. She has very dry skin and has been very unhappy with the lotions and creams that we have tried. She is  also a die hard Lush fan. If you have shopped at Lush you know they have wonderful products, a little pricey but great stuff. So, I got to thinking maybe we can make our own body products. So, off to the Internet we went, and talk about coming to the party late!There are so many recipes and DIYs out there it's almost too much. So, I decided that the recipes most attractive to me would  have the least number of ingredients, and the ingredients could all be found in my local grocery or craft store. 

After our first attempt ( a success by the way) at a moisturizing body butter, I got really excited about the creative possibilities. Here's our first ever body butter. It has Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Extra V. Olive Oil, and Tea Tree and Lavender oil. Here it is:

It goes on oily (of course it does, duh!) But your body absorbs the oil so fast it's amazing. No worries about getting oil stains on your clothes if you give it about 5-10 minutes before dressing. Putting it on right out of the shower works great. The only change I would make is using less or no Cocoa butter as it's scent overpowers the Lavender.

Moving on to making soap led me to so many sites  that I'll just share some pictures of a few of my favorites. Just search for handmade soap on Pinterest and , well you can guess the rest.

                                                            A clean and soothing look.

                                                 Love the mold that was used for this one!

 The different colored circles make this soap so fun and cute.

  Can't you just imagine soaking away the stress of the day with this.

                                           These bars look good enough to eat!!

                                                            source for all : Pinterest       

So, that's What's got me thinking this week! Don't be surprised if you see some homemade  DIY bath projects soon. What do you think, would you give it a try?               

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