Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring has Sprung on my Front Door!

This past weekend I enjoyed the wonderful spring weather that we had here in Atlanta,  and came to the realization that Spring has officially sprung! No more sneaky storms. I don't mind a thunderstorm during the spring, just no hail or other solids falling from the sky.  I saw some really cute ideas for welcoming Spring into your home decor at a workshop that I attended on Saturday. I thought about my home and decided to change up a few things. More to come on those projects real soon. I'm starting at my front door. I want something different. Right now I have the same flower wreath that I've had since my days back in Michigan. I like the color but really, it's time for something new. After launching a search on Pinterest ( where else!!) I saw lot's of cute ideas. Here are a few of my favorites...

     Lot's of variations of the Flowering Water Can, but I really like this one ...


And this just shout's Spring,  don't you think?


Again, Monogram Love shows up,  what can I say.

  Just one more..


    Now who wouldn't like this April Showers bringing May flowers Door Decor?...

 I really like this and  I'm kicking myself for throwing away my broken animal print umbrella. It would have been so cute with white Tulips on my red door.  UGGH!!

Oh well, there are lot's more to love, like this vibrant explosion of tulips.


Think I'd like this out of the new colored burlap, maybe pink!


After a late night on Pinterest ( still haven't kicked this insomnia thing)  I realized that most of the ideas I really liked had tulips and of course monograms.  But, I remembered that my fall wreath has a monogram, so maybe not another one. After "shopping"  in my garage I came up with this Seagrass basket and some ribbon. I bought this basket  about 15 years ago at the Wyandotte Art Festival in Wyandotte, MI. Maybe it's time for an enore...

Going with pink and white tulips (that just says Spring to me!), I added them to my basket.  I'll probably play around with the tulips a bit more but I kinda like this.


... and made a burlap and herringbone ribbon bow. 

       Is your door dressed for Spring?

I'm already thinking about something  red, white and blue to put in this basket for the summer months. Do you change your door decor for each season or holiday?

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  1. Your door basket turned out great! Happy Spring!