Monday, August 4, 2014

Just A Thought... Kitchen Makeovers are hard and Mom's Are a Blessing

Hey All,

I was missing from Blog land last week. It's been a long time since I missed a Thursday post. The experts tell me that consistency in posting is important. Well, I was busy working on a project and really couldn't stop to write about it or anything else for that matter.

Last week I  was blessed to step away from my regular routine and travel back to Detroit to start a labor of love.  I started the renovation of my mom's kitchen and breakfast nook. I totally bit off more than I could chew! More about that to come. This was a big, big job for me alone and even bigger for the number of days I had. I will share pics later this week on the beginning of this project. Right now, It Was Just a Thought...

I was stressed by the size of the job til I stopped to realize how Blessed I was to be able to do this for my mom. Every day I read about someone passing away and everyday I feel Blessed  that my mom is still here.
I won't make her mad at me by telling Blog Land how old she is but I will say she is over eighty by a few years.

While out shopping for granite and back splash tile she decided to give Cass a driving lesson. So she got out of the motorized cart and made Cass try her hand at driving. We had a blast. No granite but fun.

Some times we really have to stop and realized how Blessed we are... It's Just A Thought.

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