Friday, August 8, 2014

Rustleoum Never Wet for Fabric Product Review

Hi all,

At the Haven Conference this past July I got my hands on a product I have been wanting to try all summer. Rust-Oleum Never Wet for Outdoor  Fabric. I was so excited to get some of this product and for the best price ever, free!! Thanks to Home Depot . It's taken me a few weeks but I finally got a chance to try this stuff.


Let me tell you this. This stuff is Great. Of course that is my opinion but I'm sticking with it. I have a large container in my yard that actually will hold all 17 of my outdoor cushions and pillows. But it's still a pain to constantly put them away and take them back out all the time. And I guess you know that most of the time it starts to rain, no one is home to rescue the cushions and put them away. With this product my worries are over.
I sprayed all of my cushions and pillows this week. None of them changed in appearance at all. I was a little concerned about the embroidered pillows, but no worries. They were all just fine. And they stay dry. Or should I say they're Never Wet anymore.

These are some of the cushions that I sprayed  with Never Wet.


  In this picture you can see how the water I poured on the cushion beaded up, in the upper right corner.

  And in this picture you can also see how the water sits on the surface, its doesn't soak in.  It actually rolls right off the cushion when it is tilted.!!

 Same results with these pillows as well.!!


After taking these pics, it later rained. I was so busy that I forgot the cushions and pillows were still out. Now to be honest, even after testing the cushions to see how this product worked. I would have still put the pillows away, if I had remembered they were out. But when I did discover them, the water had beaded up on the cushions!! I just stood them up and the water rolled off.

If you are tried of racing out to grab the outdoor cushions up every time it rains, try this product. I don't think you will be disappointed.

While I did receive this product free at the Haven Conference, these opinion are my own. There was no additional compensation.

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