Monday, August 25, 2014

Wallternatives - Dorm Room Decals To the Rescue

Hi all,
Last week I shared with you that I had taken my daughter off to college. Well, like so many other parents, especially those home decor crazed moms we "fixed" up her room. Decorating dorm rooms and apartments have come a long way. There's so much more you can do with your walls besides hanging  a couple of movie or concert posters.

It was perfect timing for me that I discovered Wallternatives at the Haven Conference this past July. They have an amazing line of peel and stick wall decals."Wallternatives™ ARE the easy, artful alternative to decorating. We help you create a world that is more colorful, and more designed around “you”! They even have a line of vinyl wall decals  under their Dorm Room Decal section.  Well, I had a dorm room to decorate, oops, I mean, Cassie had a dorm room to decorate so I jumped at the chance to try this new product.

After much consideration, we decided to try the Mini Dots and a great quote by Marilyn Monroe.
We were super excited when the decals arrived and couldn't wait to try them.

As soon as we finished reconstructing the bed by lowering it, Cass would have had to take a flying leap to get in it every night, I wanted to start on the decals.

I was so eager to get them up that I didn't even go to the website to read the directions for putting the vinyl decals on the wall.  But, no worries it was pretty easy, peel and stick!

First , we started with the Mini Dots and this was just plain old fun.

We actually used the Mini dots in two colors that worked well with her decor.

                                 I think her smile says how much she likes her mini dots!!

Next we put up the Marilyn Monroe Smart Girl quote on an adjacent wall.

Again I was in a hurry, ( there were trips to Walmart in my future) so I didn't read up on how to apply this decal either. It took about a minute to figure out that because of the size ( the large is 22"w x 36" H), I was going to have to take it slow.

This decal took way more attention to put on the wall. Not hard, but I had to really smooth it out so there wouldn't be in air holes of puckers. It looked great when I finished. And, I even got it on the wall straight, the first time!

                          We added the remaining dots to kinda tie the two walls together!!

Overall, we both really liked the Wallternative decals.  I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for ways to decorate their walls.

While Wallternatives did provide me with the product complimentary, the opinions and review of the product are my own personal opinions.

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