Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Change is Coming... a new Camera = Better Photos!

Hi all,

Just a short post today. Too excited to sit and write. I want to go and play. I received a wonderful gift today, something I really wanted, and needed but with a kid in college now, wasn't going to get ( at least not soon). I have spent a lot of time trying to improve the quality of the photos here on the blog. Along the way, I've learned that so much more goes into good pictures than I ever imagined. Even with an older brother who is a photographer, I just didn't know. Well, I've learned a lot and hope my pics are getting better. I knew that the camera you used made a difference, but everything I wanted was just too expensive. 


And then today, I received a wonderful surprise from my friend. He saw me getting frustrated with my camera a couple of weeks ago and, ta -da. I have a new camera.


Yep, that's it, I got a Canon EOS Rebel t5i. I know you could read it for yourself, but I just wanted to type it!!LOL

I actually got more than just the camera. I got a "bundle". The camera, an additional lens, a camera bag, and a 32MB SD card

I know what you're thinking, I was thinking the same thing. That's a lot of camera and a lot of features. I plan to find a photography class real soon. I also plan to practice,  a lot. I have already launched a search on Pinterest and there are a ton of tips and tutorials on Canon cameras. So much to learn...

But wait, there's more.!!

I also checked out a great blog, , full of quick tips....including 10 Things Not To Do


Get ready, there's a change a coming...

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