Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Whirlwind Summer Comes to An End.Back to Work!!

Hi all.

Well summer is winding down and maybe things will settle down around here. There's been so much going on in such a short period of time.  I shared with you my work on my mother's breakfast nook and kitchen. Well, I guess I didn't really share. That's because we still aren't finished, but here's just a peak... 

                                                     Old cabinets and counter top.
                                                            Cabinet doors painted white.

Cameron helping to paint after wallpaper was removed. I love the blue with the white trim!

Right after returning home I set off again to move Cass into her college dorm, I shared a little of that!

                                                     Monogrammed bath towels

Once Cass was settled in, I was facing our family reunion in Alabama. But wait, just before that
I decided that I had to get rid of some of the stuff in my garage so I held a one day yard sale.OK, there was no rain that day and the temps were in the high nineties.Talk about hard work, whew, that was hard work. But I must admit it was worth it. One more like that and I will have my garage back. I'm shooting for late September. 

Then, I was off to Alabama for the 14th Curry Family reunion. This one day event is held every year at the family homestead in Munford, Al. This was the land that my mom grew up on, it belonged to my Great Grandfather, Peter Curry. This is always held the Sat. before Labor Day and it's  always great fun.

                                                                 Family and Friends!! 

                                               My uncle Harry , cousin Freda, my Aunt Ruth and my mom!!

                                                         Cousins and friends: Linda, James, me and Jesse.
                                                My great niece Ava holds her own with the fellas!

Whew, I'm tried just thinking about all of that work and fun in just 4 short weeks. Next, back to the ranch renovation.  You didn't think I hadn't been working on that too did you?!! Stay tuned, I've got a lot to share about the renovation..


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