Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Hi all,

This past summer (boy, didn't it fly by) while shopping  with Cass, we came across an inspirational sign that we both liked.  

I loved what it said, but I wasn't sold on the size, colors, or the price ( $20.00). So....

With so much going on, I still decided to make one. Armed with my trusty 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby, I bought a 2 pack of blank canvases. I chose the 16 x 20 canvas as it was a little larger than the one we saw in the store. 

I ran out of time and it just had to wait. After packing Cass off to school, I finally got around to finishing it. just in time to take it with me to Family Weekend at UNCG.

To get the look I wanted I  realized that I already had a lot of the necessary materials from previous projects. 

 4" chipboard letters
3" chipboard letters,  
1.5" chipboard letters 
stickers, glue stick, ruler, white pencil, 
Rustoleum spray paint in Lagoon,
acrylic paint (grey), paint brush and small dish.

 From all of the supplies, the only thing I bought  new were the  2.5" and 1.5" letters. Using coupons and clearance prices my total expense was less than $13.00. Not super cheap, but that will make 2 larger signs, so I'm good with the cost!

I measured and divided the canvas into 3 "somewhat" equal sections. Now, I can't draw at all, and am challenged drawing a straight line with a ruler, but I gave it a try. I lightly glued the  larger letters in place. Once I was sure it would all fit, I painted the canvas.

This was after 1 light coat. I gave it 3 light costs of spray paint.

After the 3rd coat I carefully pealed the letters off the canvas.

In a few places , like the H, the spray paint made it under the letter, creating a shadowy effect around the edges. I kind of liked it. Now, putting the stickers and the smaller letters down was a lot more difficult. So much so that I forgot to take pics of the process. 
Basically, I used a ruler and white pencil to create guide lines. I eyeballed the spacing for the stickers and the smallest chipboard letters. I put the small chipboard letters in place first, then the stickers.

If you've every tried to use "what's left over" from a package of stickers, you know it never quite works out. You end up "making" extra letters. Well, I found that the "n" turned upside down gave me more "u"s, and the "v" with a tail from a "g " gave me extra 'y's. It worked!!

To cover the white guide lines and to add a little dimension to the sign I dry brushed  some grey acrylic paint onto the sign and DONE!

                                                            hanging on the wall.

After hanging that on the wall, I finally felt like her room was really close to being complete. Neither Cass nor I liked the royal blue task chair in her bedroom so...

You know it, one faux sheep skin from Ikea, some stick-on Velcro and a pair of scissors later.

Cass now  feels like her room is complete...

It all works, the orange and white rug, the extra storage under the desk and one under the bed.

                                    Desk organizer: silver tray with hand dipped glasses. I couldn't resist that travel cup when I saw it.

                                                       Finished bed.

                                    Two large monogrammed pillows added to her bed for a little more color.


                                                            Now she likes the chair!!

                                     Family Weekend was great! We got to see our baby girl....


                                                                      growing up!

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