Friday, January 15, 2016

Cane Back Sofa Encore Part 1

Hi all,

As promised in my last post, I'm sharing one of the projects that I finished near the end of the year. I will share this project in 2 parts. So...

Late this summer my cousin sent me a text that included a picture.

I laughed when I got her text because I had seen the sofa the day before. I didn't buy it even though I loved it and the price, but left it there as I already had a sofa in my garage waiting for its Encore.

She bought it, and asked me to give it an Encore. This would require repairing cane sections that had holes in them, painting it and reupholstering it.

The first thing I did was look up how to repair the cane sections. My experience with basket weaving helped a lot, but  there was still more to learn. I knew I could order replacement cane online, but chose instead to look for cane and advice from a vendor at Scott's Antique Market.

I had bought supplies previously from Walter Smith , the owner, and knew he would be a great source of info. After a visit and very helpful conversation with Walter, I purchased the cane. I would later make a 2.5 hour trip to Augusta to purchase the correct size spline. I knew I could order the spline from the Furniture Doctor online, but am so glad I let my fella make a day trip out of it and drive me to Augusta. I was so going to buy the wrong size spline!! Dodged a bullet and came home with the right spline.

First, I cut out the cane and then removed the spline. There are lots of videos on Youtube showing how   to remove the spline, I watched a few, then did my own thing!

I first used an Exacto knife to cut along the spline. I did this on both sides of the spline.

Using my rotary tool with a cutoff wheel,  I severed the spline and was able to pry it up. From there, it was pretty easy to remove the spine up using both the rotary tool and the putty knife.

After all the spline was out I sprayed the groove with a vinegar and water solution to loosen the glue that was used to secure the previous spline and cane.

For some reason, I decided to remove the upholstery fabric next. If I were to do this over, I would leave it on until all the cane and spline had been replaced.

After soaking in water for about 20 minutes, the cane was carefully lined up and wedges were used to hold the cane in place temporarily.

There was still a lot to do to give this piece its Encore, stay tuned for Part 2 of the Cane Back Sofa  Encore.

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