Thursday, January 7, 2016

Table Leg Repair - Second time around!!

Hi all,

Well, it's a new year and I'm setting goals and making plans that I think will seriously change my life. Stay tuned. Last year was a busy year with lot's of projects, many of which I have yet to share with you. Again, stay tuned!! Here's a quick one that I want to share.

A few years ago I bought a round dining table at the GW that required a repaired leg and an Encore. You may remember the Encore, I wrote about it here. And here's a picture after the Encore....

Circle shows where leg failed.

This table has been the base for my Christmas village since I bought it. Well, earlier this summer the same leg that was "wonky" when I bought it, failed again.
 I had redrilled holes and used new bolts but it only lasted about 3 years. Not wanting to get rid of it, I set out to repair it again.
Since the leg actually split down the center, I thought I'd just cut two pieces from a 2 x 6 and glue them together, drill holes and done.

I traced the leg sections on the board. Before I cut the sections, my son Brandon saw something I didn't. Since the original leg separated neatly down the middle, why not just put it back together and use it. Duh!!


Made sense to me so I used Titebond Wood glue on the original leg sections.  I clamped the leg and gave it 24 hours to dry. To ensure that they didn't separate any time soon, I drilled 2 - 1/2 " holes in the leg, put wood glue in the holes and tapped in 2 wood dowels cut the thickness of the leg.

The old bolts couldn't be used as they entered the leg right in the center, so I marked and drilled new holes.

This was almost too easy. And imagine all the extra work I was going to do to fix this. Good looking out for your mom, Brand. My table was repaired at no additional cost and was ready for Christmas 2015 and the village. You can see it in the pictures of my Christmas Village, "Burtsville".

  Hand painted village with 50+ buildings. I started painting these in 1982!  Over the years we lost about 5-6 due to our cat and a very "vertical display" back in the day!! The whole family got in on it and painted at least 1 building. I know this post is about the table but I just love to share pics of my village...

                         Rural area complete with horses, goats, ducks and raccoons in the garbage!!

  Main street contains everything from a gas station, airport, drive in diner, car lot, train station, airport, craft store, drug store, Christmas shop and Santa's Toy Shop, and more...

The Town Square has businesses ( on the table top) and mansions on the two upper levels as well as a church complete with an outdoor Nativity scene. There are working street lights, Christmas lights on some of the trees. There are over 300 people, at least 12 dogs  and 3 skating ponds.

Now you see why that table was so important to me. It's the foundation for this whole village. As  I move into this year watch for lot's more from Encore Creations.

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