Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Living Encore - Plant Style

This is going to be a very different encore. It doesn't involve any glue, paint, wood or fabric. This is a green encore. If you read any of the popular home decor magazines you have probably noticed the lush green plants that are in every photo. You seldom see a room that doesn't have plants. Well, I only have 1 real plant in my whole house, and it's struggling. I'm  really hoping it hangs on until spring so I can put it outside and hope mother nature can lend a helping hand. Just about everyone I know has pretty good luck growing plants. I wrote a blog post some time ago about my friend Donna's garden, Third Day. Well, she also has always had beautiful plants inside her home. And I even had a friend who had over 50 houseplants in his apartment. Well, this is what I'm going to give an encore.

 At work today I encountered the lady whose company takes care of all the plants in our building. She was cutting back these plants. I always talk to strangers so I asked her what would happen to these cuttings. She said unfortunately they would be thrown away. They were lovely, healthy plants that were just growing too tall. She asked if I wanted them. Strong, healthy, and free, who could say no. Not me!!

                                            They sat in cups of water until I got them home.
I knew I had just the vases for them. I had a lovely vintage silver plated vase that I found while thrifting with my friends Shelly and Brandi.

Because the vase was so tall , I dropped two spray paint tops in and added a plastic vase from the Dollar Store to hold the water that the cuttings would be in until they grew roots.

     Just what this room needs, a beautiful plant, that was free! OK, don't think that because I don't have a monetary investment in these plants that I won't try my best with them

                                                          A silver ice bucket holds this plant.

Stay tuned and I promise to update you on the green encore. What about you, wouldn't you have saved these plants that were headed to the trash and given them a home? Let's face it, this is way better than bringing home a stray kitten.

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