Monday, April 7, 2014

Budget Friendly Bathroom Encore Part 1

Hi all,

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a little teaser about the bathroom encore that was in the works at my house. If not, ("or really now Tina you expect me to remember"!!), here it is:

My daughter has been asking me to change the color of her bathroom for sometime now. Since the bathroom that she lays claim to is also the one used by guests, I spent some time really thinking about the colors. After 4 years and two different houses later, with the same blue and brown color scheme, I really wanted to brighten the room .If I owned this house, that room would be getting a major budget driven gut, but since it's not mine to do as I please... I have to change what I can.

                                                    This color combo has a dated look to me


                               The wrought iron pieces have relocated to an apartment in Nashville!

Having selected a deep coral and turquoise ( yep, more turquiose, it's my favorite) I went in search or towels and a new shower curtain.  I spotted towels on sale at JCPenney. The towels were the perfect color (Intense Coral) and a great price, on sale for  $7.99.  Armed with a coupon for an additional 15% off,  I was feeling really good. The shower curtain was also on sale. Arms full of towels, shower curtain and bath mat I reached for the washcloths. WHATTTT! The 13x13 wash cloths were on sale for $5.99!! Let's look at this closely, a  30x56"  towel for $7.99 and a 13x13" washcloth for $5.99, anybody else see what's wrong here? 8 washcloths would cost me $40.00!! No way,

So here's what I did, I bought one extra towel, cut 8- 13x 13 washcloths. I planned to turn them under twice when hemming them, but decided to do something a little different. I bought a turquoise and white cotton print and cut 2" wide bias strips
 This fabric became double folded bias tape. 


 I double folded the bais strips and finished oiff the edged of the washcloths.  The fabric for the bias strips cost me $1.63

To personalize it a bit more I embroidered a combined monogram for Cassie and myself on a towel hanging up in the bathroom. You know the just for decoration one!!

                                           A combination of both our first names and last = CBM.

Remember, I was trying to brighten up this room. with a budget friendly encore. I got 8 washcloths for less than $10 in materials. The time is hard to calculate because I basted the bias strips while watching the Friday night lineup of Bride shows ( Say Yes To the Dress, etc) with my daughter. I stitched them on the machine when I sat down to make some pillow covers. I can say it didn't take more than 30 minutes at the machine to finish them.  In my book that's a great deal. What do you think?

Part 2 of this post, including  custom art work later this week.

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  1. So smart to customize your own washcloths! Looking forward to seeing more.