Sunday, April 13, 2014

Budget Friendly Bathroom Encore Part 2

Hi all,

In my last post I shared the beginning of the budget friendly bathroom encore. After finding a way to get custom washcloths for a great price I was in the home stretch. The wrought iron pieces that were on the wall had no place in this brighter bathroom. I really wanted something very similar to the flowers in the shower curtain.

What's a girl to do?

Well, if she could draw or paint she would create 2 canvas art pieces with these flowers on them. And, if she can't draw a straight line with a ruler, she fakes it!!
Remember the paint by number kits that  everyone got for Christmas? Well, here's my version, paint by letters.  Using a 12 x16   Artist Loft  canvas pack from Michaels, and a pencil, I got busy.

             I sketched the flowers and indicated with a d = dark, m = medium and l = light for the shade that was to be painted in each section. I was so eager to get started I forgot to take a pic before I started painting.

You can see that the details aren't that exact, so I crossed my fingers and kept painting. To create the 3 shades I used the acrylic paint straight out of the bottle for the dark, added a little white for the medium and even more white for the light shade.

                          To add the final details I used a brown marker to outline the petals.

                                                 Smaller flowers and leaves were added.

                       Here are the two finished pieces. What do you think? I'm still deciding if I want to frame them or not.

I "shopped " my house and found two candle stick holders and scored a couple of candles super cheap at Ross ( $2.99 each) and finished with a turquoise mercury glass piece and flowers from my dining room.

                            I finally found somewhere to use 3 turquoise finials I've had for a few years.

Ross was really my saving grace when it came to finishing touches for this bath room. I found the 2 bathmats for under $14.00 

.                           This bathroom went from drab...
                                                                     Dated and grab...

  All is all, I'm pleased with the encore. Do you think you'd try a paint by letters or numbers piece for your home?

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  1. How beautiful, Tina! Your did such a great job on the artwork.