Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Here's What I'm Thinking... Monogram Love!

Here's what's got me thinking...

I love monograms. And after moving to the south, I've found my people. Southern folks also love monograms. They monogram just about anything you can , and I love, love, love it. I'm way past monogrammed shirts, hats, bags, that's too normal. After starting Motor City Embroidery Works in 1996, I've monogrammed my share of apparel. What's got me thinking is how cool it is to use monogrammed pieces to personalize your home. Not an original idea, I know, but so many people are missing that little touch of you in your home.Well, I looked around my home and found a lot more than the ever popular Initial that you see gracing bookcases and gallery walls ( including my own) in magazines and on Pinterest. You can read about my unique B here.  I am really thinking about and loving the images I have seen of monogrammed chairs and more. Here are a couple of my favorite monogrammed chairs..

                                                           I love these dining chairs.

This was my office chair.

I also am loving these: 

What a cool shower curtain! 

                                                              This bed is awesome.

and I really think I'll be putting something like this bench  in my Etsy store soon

 This color combo may not work for everyone, but the style is great.

                               What a great combination: an upholstered headboard and monograms.

                                       A wonderful addition to your gallery wall. Another great piece from Etsy.

                                     What a great place to put a monogram, totally unexpected!

Well these are just a few of the examples of ways you can use monograms to personalize your home. There are many more and hey, I might just do a part 2 and share those with you too!! Cause, I'm thinking I just can't get enough of monograms!

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